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  • Alberta has an 87 seat elected Legislative Assembly, with executive power given to the Cabinet and Premier.

  • In May 2015, Albertans elected a New Democrat government to the National Assembly for the first time. The NDP defeated the Progressive Conservative government, which had ruled since 1971.

  • Alberta has 33 Members of Parliament in Ottawa, along with 6 Senators.

  • The representative of the Queen in Alberta is the Lieutenant Governor, who is appointed by the Governor General.

  • The current premier of Alberta is the Honourable Rachel Notley. Premier Notley has been in office since May 24, 2015, and is the province‚Äôs 17th premier. The Hon. Rachel Notley has served as the MLA for Edmonton-Strathcona since 2008.

An overview of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly and a biography of Alberta’s Premiers can be found on the Government of Alberta’s webpage.

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