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  • Alberta became a province on September 01,1905.

  • Alberta was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

  • Edmonton became a city in 1904. It celebrated its Centennial in 2004.

  • The current population of Alberta is approximately 4.1 million people.

  • Alberta is the fourth largest province in Canada, in terms of land area.

  • Five of Canada’s 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites are in Alberta.

  • The motto of the province of Alberta is Fortis et Liber , meaning “Strong and Free.”

  • The official colours of Alberta are Alberta Blue and Alberta Gold.

  • The official flower of Alberta is the Wild Rose.

  • The first Royal Canadian Mounted Police post in Alberta was established in 1874 at Fort Macleod.

Please see the Government of Alberta’s homepage for more information on the province of Alberta.

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