• The province of Alberta offers a post-secondary education from 6 Universities, 13 colleges, 2 technical institutes, 14 public colleges, 7 private university colleges and the Banff Centre.

  • The number of visas for international students enrolled in graduate studies increased by 53% over five years. 3,742 visas are now issued.

  • In 2010 and 2011, approximately $70 million was handed out to more than 36,000 students in Alberta.

  • In 2010, approximately 3,500 more applications were received for post-secondary programs.

  • 23,411 adults had the opportunity to access free tutoring services, adult literacy and learning programs, and English as a second language programs through its network of community organizations.

  • Alberta’s apprenticeship programs train over 20% of Canada’s apprentices, despite having only 11% of the
    country’s labour force.

  • Approximately 680 students choose to pursue their studies in French at the Campus Saint-Jean of the University of Alberta.

More information about Alberta ‘s education system can be found on the webpage of the Ministry of Education.

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