• Alberta`s economy is based on four main cornerstones: Energy Production, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Forestry.

  • Over the past decade, Alberta recorded Canada’s highest growth rate at 4.3%.

  • Energy accounts for more than one-quarter of the province`s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

  • Alberta is the only province in Canada without a provincial sales-tax.

  • It is against the law in Alberta for the provincial Government to run a budget deficit.

  • Alberta produces 75% of Canada`s crude oil and 71% of its natural gas.

  • Alberta has the second largest petroleum reserves in the world (second only to Saudi Arabia), making Crude Oil Alberta`s largest export.

  • In 2010, per capita investment in Alberta was $18,930, almost twice the national average of $9,911.

  • Over a span of one year, Alberta’s population increased by 2.2% to reach 4.1 million by April 2015.

  • Between 2001 and 2011, Alberta accounted for 21 per cent of Canada’s population growth.

  • In 2010, the Alberta economy recovered from the global recession and expanded by an estimated 3.3 per cent.

  • Private sector forecasts suggest that Alberta is seeing strong economic growth in 2011 and is poised to lead the country again in 2012.

  • In 2015, more than two million Albertans were employed.

  • In 2013, Alberta’s international merchandise exports were worth $103.3 billion, an increase of 7.7% in one year.

A complete economic picture of the province of Alberta can be found by following this link.

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